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Wedgwood WSWDC Sacrifical figures plaque

Our members braved the chilly winter weather to attend the January 2018 Show and Tell meeting. They presented an abundance of beautiful and unique Wedgwood ware. Each piece had a story to tell. Whether it was the design, its mystery or the provenance and acquisition tale, each showcased the enduring appeal of Wedgwood to the collector. Wedgwood Society of Washington DC

WSWDC member 01
WSWDC member 02
WSWDC member 03
WSWDC member 04
WSWDC member 05
WSWDC member 06
WSWDC member 07
WSWDC member 08
WSWDC member 09
WSWDC member 10
WSWDC member 11
Wedgwood WSWDC game pie dish

A wonderful game pie crust, baked using an 18th century recipe sits next to the Wedgwood version which became commonplace in the 19th century.

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