The WSWDC will hold a minimum of six meetings and events annually. All lecture meetings are free and open to the public however we are currently offering our meetings on Zoom. Our meetings are held at the Total Wine and More meeting room at 13043 Lee Jackson Highway, Chantilly, Virginia. Please note their NEW location is at the now next to the Greenbriar Shopping Center, they are next to the Giant Food store.

Past Programs:

July 18, 2021



     Josiah Wedgwood, Cherokee Clay, and the Eighteenth-Century Fascination with Indigeneity

     Guest speaker:  Dr. Susan Egenolf

Via Zoom Dr. Susan Egenolf, Associate Professor at Texas A&M University, shared her research on Josiah Wedgwood and Cherokee clay, with a focus on the 1767-68 expedition led by Thomas Griffiths to South Carolina to mine and bring that clay back to Etruria. Cherokee clay contains kaolin, an ingredient essential to the production of porcelain; it is sometime referred to as ‘white clay’ and is known as unaker in the Cherokee language. WSWDC members who missed the meeting can see the Zoom video in the Members Only area of our web site.




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April 25, 2021



     An Epic of Earth and Water: Clare Leighton and the New England Industries Series

     Guest speaker:  Dr. Anne Forschler-Tarrasch


Via Zoom Dr. Anne Forschler-Tarrasch, Chief Curator and Marguerite Jones Harbert and John M. Harbert, III Curator of  Decorative Arts at the Birmingham Museum of Arts (Alabama) presented a guided tour of the BMA’s exhibition, An Epic of Earth and Water: Clare Leighton and the New England Industries Series. The exhibit focused on the series of twelve plates British-American  artist Clare Leighton (1898-1989) created for Wedgwood in 1948.  This zoom video will be periodically offered in our Members Only area so check back frequently.









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March 21, 2021



      The Enchanted World of Fairyland Lustre: Exploring the Fabulous Wedgwood Collection

       at the Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts

      Guest speaker: Louise Irvine


Via Zoom, Louise Irvine, Executive Director and Curator of the Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts (WMODA), took 61 WSWDC Zoom attendees on a tour of the wonderful world of Fairyland Lustre as imagined by Daisy Makeig-Jones for Wedgwood. In total, WMODA displays approximately 100 pieces of Fairyland Lustre, with many more pieces in reserve. Ms. Irvine presented an in-depth lecture on which introduce Fairyland to new admirers and had deep insight for the advanced collectors. This zoom video will be periodically offered in our Members Only area so check back frequently.













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​​September 20, 2020



      Classic Black exhibition at the Mint Museum 

      Guest speaker:   Brian Gallagher

WSWDC’s second online lecture took place on September 20, 2020 and was received by over 50 attendees from across the globe. Our speaker was Brian Gallagher, who took us on a virtual tour of the Classic Black exhibition of black basalt sculpture at The Mint Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina. WSWDC members now enjoy learning about Wedgwood exhibitions and collections from distant sources.




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Society activities include:


  • Scholarly lectures by Wedgwood authorities and collection archivists

  • Presentations by specialized Wedgwood antiques dealers

  • Society members are invited to participate in interactive show & tell sessions

  • Opportunities for private sales, auctions, and appraisals

  • Exhibitions and private home tours

  • Informative meetings and other special events

Annual events will include silent auctions, summer socials and other special programs that highlight and promote the study and collection of Wedgwood

  • Special exhibits

  • Summer Social & Sale

  • Silent Auctions

  • Appraisal Days

  • Museum Exhibitions & Display

  • Meetings conclude with refreshments and complimentary wine tastings

Wedgwood Society of Washington DC

Anne Forschler-Tarrasch BMA headshot.jpg
April 25 zoom.jpg

April guest speaker

Dr. Anne Forschler-Tarrasch

An Epic of Earth and Water: Clare Leighton and the New England Industries Series

Louise with Dragon King.jpg

Louise Irvine with WMODA’s Dragon King vase

Ghostly Wood Malfrey WMODA.jpg

Ghostly Wood Malfrey Vase at the WMODA

Screen Shot 2020-09-20.jpg

Vases and more vases in Classic Black’s Drawing Room

Brian Gallagher  speaks in detail about Wedgwood krater vases in display.

Cherokee 01.PNG
Cherokee 02.jpg
Susan Egenolf.JPG

July guest speaker

Dr. Susan Egenolf

Knife and sheath, ear pendants,

and pouch

Indian Village of Pomeiooc (left)

The Towne of Pomeiooc (right)