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Photography by Kathy McGuinness Designs

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Opportunity to bid on unsold lots
from the Jeffrey Milkins Collection-
offered with lower estimates
November 22 at 10:00 AM Eastern, Potomack Auctions
is offering some delightful pieces
from the
Jeffrey Milkins Wedgwood collection with lower
to tempt collectors to bid and win.

You can see the available lots here.


(Photo courtesy of Potomack Auctions)

The Radical Potter by Tristram Hunt

An upcoming new biography of Josiah Wedgwood, the pioneering English potter, entrepreneur, and beacon of the early Industrial Revolution – who was also an

influential radical campaigner.


Tristram Hunt, Director of the Victoria & Albert Museum and author of The Radical Potter.

A highly anticipated new book on Josiah Wedgwood will be available October 26, 2021. As acclaimed historian Tristram Hunt puts it in this striking biography, Wedgwood was the Steve Jobs of the eighteenth century: a difficult, brilliant, creative entrepreneur whose personal drive and extraordinary vision changed how we work and live. Drawing on an array of letters, journals, and historical documents, Hunt presents the story of a singular man, his contributions to design and innovation, who ultimately helped usher in the mass consumer society that we all recognize today.

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A visit to Burslem in search of Wedgwood's

First Factory- Ivy House Works

Working our way through streaming TV we uncovered a hidden Wedgwood gem.  Time Team is a British TV show that originally aired on Channel 4. With help from experts and archaeologists host Tony Robinson has 3 days to discover historical artifacts at sites all around Britain.  Season 6, episode 1, currently offered as “Classic Time Team” investigates the possible site of Wedgwood’s first factory. Originally broadcast in January 1999 this episode can be

seen on Amazon Prime.

Images from the episode courtesy of Channel 4 and VideoText Communications Ltd.

Special commemorative vase created by Wedgwood

and decorated by Victor Ambrus, resident illustrator

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Time Team Host Tony Robinson (far left) examines pottery shards with experts.

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Archeologists uncover a Victorian tile floor in their search for

Wedgwood's Ivy House Works in Burslem in this Time Team episode