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To celebrate the announcement of Xiao Zhan as their first ever Global Brand Ambassador, Wedgwood has partnered with Global Street Art to create a mural in London. The piece perfectly reflects the passion for art and craftsmanship that Wedgwood and Xiao Zhan share.⁠ 

The mural also turns the image of Xiao Zhan with Wedgwood’s most iconic piece, the Portland Vase, into

a true work of art.  


Magdalene Odundo is one of the world’s most eminent and admired contemporary ceramic artists

One Of The World’s Most Revered Ceramic Artists

Magdalene Odundo is one of the world’s most eminent and admired contemporary ceramic artists working today. Celebrated for her hand-built vessels which often speak of her cultural heritage but without having to copy it, managing to make the pieces of-the-time, akin to the approach of Josiah Wedgwood.

“I wanted to deconstruct and reconstruct something that would be spectacular and totally contrasting to my own work. Because this was a residency, I was mindful that I would never get another chance to make work that was different from my personal ceramics, work that challenged me and that might challenge my co-collaborators at the Wedgwood Factory”.

You're all invited to a new Wedgwood x Palace Tea Party!

Palace Wedgwood's new china launched October 2023 and arrived in grand style in a playful ‘Antiques Roadshow’-inspired film by Alasdair McLellan, starring ceramics expert Lars Tharp.  The film celebrates the launch of its latest offbeat collaboration, a line of tongue-in-cheek table and teaware created with historic china and porcelain producer Wedgwood. The range, which is adorned with cartoon strawberries and a trippy dotted print drawn from archival Palace pieces, comprises a china teapot, cup, saucer and plate.  Palace Wedgwood will be sold at Palace stores and online, and exclusively at Wedgwood, Harrods.  Information on the new teaware can be found here and the video can be seen here.   In addition, Palace and Wedgwood have also created skateboard designs that feature the skate brand’s graphic strawberry print and Wedgwood’s signature blue hue. 


Palace x Wedgwood

skateboard design


Ceramics expert Lars Tharp examines the Palace

x Wedgwood collection in the ‘Antiques Roadshow’-inspired film.


A fresh new design combining Wedgwood's iconic style and Palace's freedom of expression, optimism and authenticity.


Alexis E. Barton at Juniper restaurant in Birmingham, Ala. (Andi Rice for The Washington Post)

My family found joy in entertaining

Wedgwood china continues to be the center of family life and gatherings.  Alexis Barton shares her

family's long history of collecting and setting a fine table with their Wedgwood china and the feelings that those memories evoke.  Ms. Barton writes of purchasing her first set of fine china,  Sheila Bridges Harlem Toile de Jouy and how it honors all the past generations of her loved ones.  The link below will

direct you to the full article as it appeared in the Washington Post Sunday magazine.

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