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A visit to Burslem in search of Wedgwood's

First Factory- Ivy House Works

Working our way through streaming TV we uncovered a hidden Wedgwood gem.  Time Team is a British TV show that originally aired on Channel 4. With help from experts and archaeologists host Tony Robinson has 3 days to discover historical artifacts at sites all around Britain.  Season 6, episode 1, currently offered as “Classic Time Team” investigates the possible site of Wedgwood’s first factory. Originally broadcast in January 1999 this episode can be

seen on Amazon Prime.

Images from the episode courtesy of Channel 4 and VideoText Communications Ltd.

Special commemorative vase created by Wedgwood

and decorated by Victor Ambrus, resident illustrator

Time Team Host Tony Robinson (far left) examines pottery shards with experts.

Archeologists uncover a Victorian tile floor in their search for

Wedgwood's Ivy House Works in Burslem in this Time Team episode

Keno Auctions caused a lot of pre-holiday excitement with it's recent online auction November 18, 2020. The top lot of the sale was a circa 1780 creamware epergne surmounted by the Neoclassical figure of Plenty, which sold for $23,040.

The creamware collection came from a New York state couple who astutely used Josiah Wedgwood’s 1774 The Queen’s Ware Catalogue as their guide on acquisitions.

Earl Buckman, President of the Wedgwood International Seminar remarked that he hadn’t known of the creamware collection and was delighted when it popped up.

The complete article of this delightful auction can be found at

The Grenville Winthrop

Collection of Old Wedgwood

The WSWDC Meeting last Sunday November 15th, featured guest lecture Casey Monahan entitled:  The Grenville L. Winthrop Collection of Old  Wedgwood.  She shared the amazing collection via ZOOM as well as insight into the unique marketing skills of Wedgwood dealer Frederick Rathbone. We're sharing the link to her article on the Grenville Portland Vase here:

The Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts (WMODA) in Dania Beach, Florida, has re-opened with an exhibition titled The Art of Tea. This exhibition specifically features Wedgwood and Royal Doulton pieces, including several early black basalt and jasperware teapots. Also on display are more recent acquisitions made by Arthur Wiener, such as the teapot made to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

More information can be found on WMODA’s website here.                                 

Statues on both sides of the Atlantic, and even throughout the world, are being evaluated and those of controversial figures are being considered for removal.  However, this statute of Josiah Wedgwood stands tall in front of the North Stafford Hotel. Long considered one of the fathers of English china, he is now celebrated as

an early supporter of the abolitionist movement. Stoke On Trent Live shares their pride in Wedgwood's contributions to both social reform and pottery innovations and production.

Although the Wedgwood International Seminar has been canceled this year due to the Corona Virus pandemic, Charlotte, North Carolina still remains the summer destination spot for Wedgwood collectors. Classic Black: The Basalt Sculpture of Wedgwood and His Contemporaries” is on exhibit at the Mint Museum Randolph extended through January 3, 2021. It features more than 100 black basalt sculptures, including vases, busts and medallions created by Wedgwood and several other artists from the same time period.

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